A Mobile App for Managing Mobile Medical Units Has Been Successfully Tested in Romania

Beginning of March 2019, Merci Charity Boutique association based in Bucharest, Romania started testing the „Mobile app for mobile medical units and cabinets”, which helps the mobile dental practice to monitor the performance of the actions carried out in the rural communities. In the past six months, data from 772 children from rural communities were collected. The application was developed by Romanian company Tremend Software and funded by Vodafone Romania Foundation with a budget of 33,392 EUR.

The app helps the association’s team to monitor the performance of each action, calculating the ratio of diagnosed caries to treated caries, analyzing the types of interventions and their number, as well as the value of the prophylaxis and dental treatment intervention for each child. For example, for the 772 children monitored, the team performed oral prophylaxis interventions and treatment with a value of 164,743 EUR, with an average intervention value of 213 EUR/child. The data collected helps the team also to forecast the minimum budget necessary for the prophylaxis and the dental treatment for the population of children living in rural areas, respectively 234,707 EUR for approximately 1,100,000 children living in Romanian villages where only 13% of the total dental practices are offering services.

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